Proposed Sales Tax Increases

Whether it is a ½ cent “Transit” tax favoring the county or a 1/2 cent “Infrastructure” tax favoring the municipalities, each is wrong-minded and should be soundly defeated. Obviously our leaders are tone deaf to the desires of the taxpayers and voters in this community. Those desires include fiscal responsibility, rightsizing government, lowering taxes and sun-setting government programs that do not work.

Last year, Broward had a tax windfall when tax revenues were higher than expected due to increases in property values. Did the county commission use this unexpected windfall to focus like a laser on our infrastructure or transit? No they didn’t. The Sun Sentinel reported the county commission decided to increase library hours and replaced library positions that were cut in previous years. If they were serious about fixing our infrastructure or expanding transit, the windfall would have been a nice place to start and would have given them some credibility with the community that they were serious about the problem.

Is our infrastructures in disrepair? Yes, and the dirty little secret is our elected officials have time and time again, failed to plan for maintenance, repair and replacement of the same infrastructure they now saying is failing. For decades our elected officials have continually expanded government programs while ignoring our critical infrastructure.

I do not support either of the proposed sales tax increases and will work from now until the election to make sure they do not pass. If however, the voters decide to approve this tax increase, I will work to hold every agency accountable for properly spending these taxes that come disproportionally from the tax dollars collected from the hardworking citizens of Broward County

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