The Global War on Terror Has Arrived In Florida

As the investigation continues into the mass shooting in Orlando, so does finger-pointing. Guns, radical Islamic terrorists, political parties, and others are all being blamed for the actions of one misguided and deranged individual.

While the political debates continue, what we must do at a local level to prevent further attacks like this is relatively simple.

We must ensure that our law enforcement officers are trained and properly armed to deal with a similar attack in our community.

A similar attack at a Sea Port or Airport could result in hundreds of casualties. In South Florida, there are hundreds of soft targets where a single terrorist or a group of terrorists can easily rain mayhem and carnage on untold innocent Americans.

In most communities, law enforcement officers will be severely outgunned, which was clearly demonstrated in all of the most recent active shooter terrorist events.

Our law enforcement first responders to these terrorist attacks will be armed with handguns and shotguns, and in rare instances "assault rifles". When the cavalry arrives, it must be armed with at least equal firepower and be prepared to engage in a quick and organized counterassault.

The high powered weapons the bad guys will use must be countered with equally or more effective and powerful force. We must never ask our law enforcement to fight rifle-wielding terrorist with inferior fire power. As a community, we must be certain all law enforcement officers have the training and weaponry to neutralize the threat.

A government funding priority must be to outfit all law enforcement officers with the adequate firepower. We must be ready, willing and able to stop the next terrorist attack.

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