Homeland Security and Broward County

A County Commissioner is tasked with passing laws that improve our everyday lives as well as prioritizing and allocating funds. One of the key requirements is to properly fund law enforcement. Our law enforcement officers protect us from crimes against our person and our property. Also, a critical aspect of our protection arises out of Homeland Security assessments. Until the first bombing at the World Trade Center most of our threat assessments and activities were focused and conducted outside of the continental United States. That has changed.

While there are many criminal challenges being faced at the county level, we must not lose sight of the fact that there are ominous and nefarious foreign elements that could pose a threat to our American way of life.

Followers of a radical form of Islam, specifically ISIS and Al Qaeda, have sworn to destroy America, and have made it clear, they want to target Americans at home.

Radical Islamists will not only target large metropolitan cities like Paris, Brussels, New York City, or Madrid. They can and will target soft targets in smaller communities, as we have all seen in San Bernardino, California; a city not much different than any of the municipalities in Broward County.

These purveyors of worldwide dominance are real and could be right in our own backyards. .

It is imperative that the Broward County Commission bolster funding for the Broward Sheriff's Office and take the lead in coordinating a focused funding strategy for all our local law enforcement agencies. In addition, the funding must be adequate to assure our law enforcement officers have the tactical means and assets to protect the community from this threat. We must provide them with the tools to keep our families and our communities safe..

As always, our safety begins with us. We must be aware of our surroundings and report suspicious behavior and activities to local law enforcement. Be a part of the solution and always remember, if you See Something, Say Something.

Learn more here about my Public Safety platform. Click here to see several more important posts. Click Here to learn more about my campaign, .


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