Letter to the Editor Career Politicians Got Us Into This Mess

I strongly disagree with the recent comments of former State Sen. Steve Geller about how voters should not elect people into office who are not career politicians.

To paraphrase his argument, he states, how could these candidates possibly know how government works — suggesting they may not even know how the three branches of government work? Somehow, according to him, this would make it impossible for these inexperienced people to make reasoned arguments and pass good laws.

Many believe government, with its legion of lifelong politicians, often does not work in our best interest. Take for example the recent Uber debacle in Broward. Were many of the decision-makers lifelong politicians? Indeed they were.

I know I am looking for change, including electing a new breed of public officials who have not held public office for most of their lives. How about electing more doctors than lawyers, and businesswomen and men instead of lobbyists. Imagine a government where our elected officials are actually reflective of the people from whom they are elected — not the lobbyists that bankroll them. What a beautiful world it would be.

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