1. We will run a positive and uplifting campaign focusing on the issues. 

  2. We will share the strengths of our candidate and will not disparage other candidates.

  3. We will develop honest, clear and concise campaign literature and digital communications. 

  4. We will target and either meet face-to-face, call, or send literature to all voters in the District.

  5. We will meet with all voters who have a propensity to vote early or to submit absentee ballots.  If a voter supports the candidate, we will provide them with an absentee ballot if requested.

  6. We will speak directly with early voters prior to the opening of early voting in both the primary and general elections.  We will provide them with transportation or any other assistance as needed.

  7. We will be diligent in getting absentee ballots to the men and women in the military to guarantee their votes are counted.

  8. We will through face-to-face canvassing identify people who support us and will check the polls on Election Day to verify that they voted.  If they did not, we will call them during the day to offer them any assistance they may need to get to the polls.

  9. We will encourage people who support us to prepare an absentee ballot.

  10. We will win this election by staying focused on our message, conserving the resources provided by our donors and volunteers, and by outworking our opponent.