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Tropical Storm Elsa Briefing #8 July 7, 2021 Wednesday

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

NHC Advisory#: 29A Time and Date of NHC Advisory: 0800 July 7, 2021 Storm Name: Elsa Category: Tropical Storm Maximum sustained wind speed: 65 mph Direction of movement: N Forward Movement: 14 mph Location: 35 miles West of Cedar Key Florida


Elsa's life as a Hurricane was short-lived; she has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm. Although I usually only brief when Storms are near south Florida (my old home) or the east coast near south-central Florida where I reside now, I've received several notes from people traveling to and from Florida requesting information about conditions on I-95 and I-75. In this briefing I will try to provided information for people leaving or entering Florida today and tomorrow. In their 8:00 am Public Advisory, the NHC has discontinued Tropical Storm and Storm Surge Warnings for south Florida. I use two tools to monitor traffic and weather, Sigalert and Weatherbug. Both have many cameras throughout the United States and SIgalert also shows the current speed of traffic. Currently, both sites show traffic moving at good speeds. But a GOES16 Satellite photo posted on Mike's Facebook Weather Page shows dramatic convection which could translate into an increase in strength; fortunately, Elsa is moving onto the coast which should negate that from happening. NOTE: Unless something dramatic occurs, this will be the last briefing for ELSA. A short survey will follow in the near future. Once again, thank you. Chuck For critical information about the threats to areas throughout Florida see the Map of Coastal Threats and Possible Impacts or click the last graphic below. Graphics and links used in this briefing: Sigalert Traffic Cameras

Weatherbug Cameras

GOES-16 Satellite

Protective Action Recommendations (PARs):

For he Florida Keys and Southwest Florida, preparedness activities should have been completed. For the Florida Keys, and the western coastal counties in Florida, watch with attention to the directions provided by local emergency management and other governmental officials as they are in contact with the NHC and NWS to develop a response plan for your community. Evacuations could be ordered for low-lying and flood prone areas. If the order is made for your area, following it closely and quickly. Storm Surge is much more dangerous than many people understand. Please listen to your local officials and weather expertise as there actions are to protect lives and property. Other areas in the Cone of Probability, Preparedness activities should be moving quickly and close monitoring is in order. For residents in counties on the coast and currently north of Elsa must monitor ;local officials closely and take actions as requested. of the us to prepare is much less. Actions that can be taken today: Listen and act on information provided by the National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service and local public officials.

Be safe and keep up to date on the tropics.


(Click the graphic to go to the site)Helpful links: Hurricane Related Definitions

Cone of Probability

Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale

Important Government Weather Related Sites

National Hurricane Center website.

NWS Weather.Gov

National Weather Service-Miami

National Weather Service-Melbourne

FEMA Hurricane page

Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM)

Ready South Florida

Important Non-Government Weather Related SitesFlorida Power and Light Storm Center

Disclaimer: I take every precaution to provide timely and accurate information from the National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service and support organizations. Please use the information provided here as a supplement to the forecasts and recommendations presented by hurricane and weather professionals as well as government officials. Please share these briefings with friends, colleagues and relatives. I will strive to keep the briefings succinct, robust and timely. Thank you. Chuck

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