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Potential Tropical Cyclone Five Briefing June 30, 2021

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Observations:As many of you already know, portions of southwest and southeast Florida are in the Five-Day Cone of Probability for Potential Tropical Cyclone Five. The inclusion of these areas in The Five-Day Cone of Probability meets our start threshold; here is our first briefing of the 2021 Hurricane Season. Since we are early in the potential event I have inserted the latest Key Messages for Potential Tropical Cyclone Five prepared by the National Hurricane Center in it's entirety; it is succinct and clearly presents the most up to date information. Today's briefing is limited but will become more robust over the next week, if necessary. The two graphics in the Key Messages for Potential Tropical Cyclone Five suggests there is a probability, although distant and small, of aTropical Storm threatening South Florida on Tuesday. Information from the National Hurricane Center Center:

Protective Action Recommendations (PARs):

Keep in mind, we are in the Five-Day Cone of Probability for Potential Tropical Cyclone Five. There is a potential for increased rain, wind and localized flooding early next week. The most important action to take is to frequently monitor the storm as it approaches South Florida. There is a great deal of uncertainty in any weather forecast, but this information is provided by the most educated and competent women and men at the National Hurricane Center and the National Weather Service. I will monitor and update you frequently until the threat passes. Disclaimer: I take every precaution to provide timely and accurate information from the National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service and support organizations. Please use the information provided here as a supplement to the forecasts and recommendations presented by hurricane and weather professionals as well as government officials. I will strive to keep the briefings succinct, robust and timely. Thank you. Chuck

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